Small Business


Johnson Firm is not just a law firm; it’s a small business, too. In addition to their experience in providing legal assistance to small business owners, our attorneys have experience as small business owners—both in and apart from the legal services industry. Johnson Firm wants to put its experience to work for you with your small business legal matters by assisting you in the formation and organization of your business, drafting and reviewing contracts, including real estate contracts, and helping you with your business disputes and insurance coverage questions.

As a small business, we recognize that outstanding customer service is fundamental. Whereas proper legal advice cannot always conform to the maxim that “the customer is always right,” the attorneys at Johnson Firm nevertheless attempt to serve clients in a way that accommodates their goals and objectives. We also strive to be professional and responsive in all details of our representation, from returning phone calls promptly to working with you so that you have a greater understanding of the issues on which we are providing you with advice and representation.

We adhere to the principle that appropriate legal advice in business transactions often helps reduce the likelihood of business disputes arising from those transactions. Accordingly, we attempt to provide small business advice and representation with the goal of avoiding disputes down the line that are often far more costly than an up-front investment in transactional legal services. However, if a business dispute cannot be resolved short of a lawsuit, we offer award-winning and peer-recognized litigation services and can handle your case through trial if necessary.

Because we choose to operate as a small firm, and although every case is different, often the costs associated with our litigation representation is lower than that found at other firms—without sacrificing the quality of the representation. Where possible and in our clients’ best interests, we seek early resolution of disputes either informally or through mediation and arbitration in order to contain costs. We also offer Alternative Fee Arrangements  in all matters with the goal of maximizing the value and affordability of our legal services.

To speak to one of our attorneys regarding your small business legal needs, contact the Johnson Firm today at (501) 777-7777 or through this website.

Johnson Firm offers legal services to small businesses for the following types of matters: