Local Counsel Services

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Our Little Rock Local Counsel Litigation attorneys assist out-of-state companies and individuals who have been sued in Little Rock and counties across Arkansas. As local Litigation counsel, our attorneys work with in-house and home-town attorneys to ensure that each client is fully and fairly represented in the state of Arkansas. Our Little Rock local counsel lawyers offer knowledge of local court rules, familiarity with Arkansas judicial procedures, and strong relationships with the Little Rock and Arkansas bar. With Johnson Firm as Little Rock Litigation counsel, out-of-state clients know their interests will be protected with the same quality representation expected of attorneys in their home states.

Our Little Rock Local Counsel attorneys are familiar with the unique legal issues that arise when a company or individual is sued in another state. Our Little Rock local trial lawyers are experienced in matters involving removal to federal court, remand of actions to state court, Arkansas personal jurisdiction, service of process, pro hac vice admission of out-of-state counsel, special appearances, motions to dismiss and transfer, and motions to apply the law of another state. In addition, Johnson Firm advises out-of- state attorneys on Local Rules and standards of practice in Arkansas federal court.

Additionally, our Little Rock Local Counsel attorneys have experience in commercial Litigation, product liability Litigation, and personal injury cases. The Arkansas trial lawyers at Johnson Firm tailor the level of local counsel services to meet each individual client’s needs, from advising out-of-state counsel on compliance with local rules and procedures to providing background information on opposing counsel and parties. Alternatively, as local Litigation counsel, the trial attorneys at Johnson Firm can take the lead role in Litigation while allowing an out-of-state client’s in-house or primary attorney to assist with strategic decisions.  For more information on Little Rock Local Counsel services offered by Johnson Firm, contact Anthony Johnson at 501-777-7777.