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Virtually all business owners and individuals will enter into various contracts in their life times. Well-drafted contracts anticipate future sources of potential conflict and problems. By clearly identifying the promised performances of the parties, they steer transactions away from problematic outcomes. Further, well-drafted contracts provide clear resolutions when things unavoidably go wrong. It is for this reason that, in our experience, poorly conceived and poorly drafted contracts are some of the most expensive mistakes that business owners and individuals will ever make. A contract drafted by an attorney rarely costs more than a few hundred dollars. Typically the cost associated with a well-drafted contract is merely a fraction of the potential cost of a fully litigated contract dispute.

We draft contracts well because we understand and are experienced with various business transactions, we take the time to fully understand each transaction, and because we write well. Our attorneys have experience with employment contracts, contracts for the sale of goods, security agreements, franchise agreements, lease agreements, subscription agreements, mineral rights agreements, license agreements, insurance agreements, real estate contracts, and many other varieties of legal documents of interest to business owners.