Stripping Secondary Mortgages in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Second mortgages in Bankruptcy Many people come to our office with the primary concern that they are having difficulties affording their home and that their lender will not […]

What is Breach of Contract under Arkansas Law?

Part 1 of the Arkansas Law School Memoirs Many people don’t really understand the underlying principles of what breach of contract truly is. So, here is a memo […]

Small Business vs Partnership Law Firm in Arkansas

There are many advantages in small business infrastructure of a law firm whether that firm be a business law firm or a personal injury plaintiff’s law firm. There […]

Personal Injury Attorney’s Guide to the Contingency Fee

After working with many local Arkansas personal injury/contingency fee attorneys, I have begun to see many small, yet significant, differences in the legal styles and ethical boundaries of […]

Johnson Law Firm’s Official Little Rock Attorney Blog Kickoff!!

I have finally gotten around to setting up a Little Rock attorney blog.  Contact us if you would like to be featured or if you would like to […]

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