You need a Lawyer for the Personal Injury Accident, Here’s Why.

The Benefits of Having a Lawyer for a Personal Injury Accident Claim

Whether you were in a minor fender-bender or a 3-car pileup with injuries, you need to decide if it makes sense to hire a car accident lawyer in Little Rock.

How do I get a consultation? When should I hire an attorney? What are the benefits?

You’ll find these answers, and more, here.

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Everyone needs a consultation.

No matter how minor your accident, it almost always makes sense to consult an attorney. We offer free initial consultations to discuss your potential claim.

That means we’ll take the time to sit down with you, so you can share the details of your accident, describe the extent of the damage, and discuss any injuries you sustained. We’ll also ask you about any conversations you’ve already had with the insurance adjuster to get a feel for how they’re handling your claim.

Then, we’ll perform an assessment of your accident claim and provide feedback about whether you need legal representation in certain circumstances; a lawyer may not be required.

When a car accident lawyer can provide meaningful help.

While there are limited circumstances when an accident lawyer is unnecessary, most accident victims can benefit from the services of an attorney.

If you need medical treatment or the accident was severe enough to have possibly caused injuries, you should absolutely speak with an attorney. First, it’s often difficult to detect some accident injuries right away. The stress and shock of an accident can hide the symptoms of whiplash, concussions, and other internal injuries.

Additionally, auto insurance adjusters often make low settlement offers immediately following an accident, long before your injuries are fully treated. That’s because once you accept a settlement check, you can’t go back and ask for more money, even if you discover later that your injuries require further treatment.

A car accident lawyer will ensure that your medical needs are fully addressed before a settlement is reached.

If you received an immediate, low, or questionable offer from the insurance adjuster, you will benefit from speaking to an attorney. Even if you don’t have severe injuries, it’s always a red flag when an insurance adjuster makes an immediate offer or an exceedingly low one. This is a clear indicator that the adjuster is not looking to make things right. Rather, their only concern is to end your claim as quickly as possible and pay as little as you’re willing to accept.

If the adjusters offer came quickly, was low, or you just get the feeling that they’re not treating you right, trust those instincts and contact an auto accident lawyer. We know exactly how to negotiate with the insurance adjusters and get you an offer that’s worthy of your injuries and damages.

The real benefit of hiring an auto accident lawyer?

At the end of the day, auto accident settlements are about fully and fairly compensating you for the injuries you’ve sustained, the medical treatment you’ve incurred, and your pain and suffering.

Auto accident victims who hire an attorney have been shown to receive higher settlements when compared to victims that do not. On average, they receive 3.5x more money than victims who try to negotiate on their own! In fact, 85% of all settlement money paid by insurance companies goes to victims who are represented by an attorney.

The reasons are simple. There are only two types of people who deal with auto accidents claims on a daily basis; auto accident attorneys and claims adjusters. One of them is on your side, and one of them is not.

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