Blitz Gas Can Attorney Urges Consumers to Throw Blitz Gas Cans Away

Blitz Gas Can Attorney In addition to our typical roles representing our clients, Linville Johnson and specifically our Blitz gas can attorney, Anthony C. Johnson, feel compelled to […]

Personal Injury Attorney Little Rock

Why Few People Successfully Avoid Probate

In 1966, Norman Dacey wrote How to Avoid Probate. Because of Dacey, even today, most people think (1) that the probate process is the scariest thing since The Shining and […]

Insurance Coverage You Need in Your Auto Policy

All states require automobile owners to carry a certain minimal level of insurance.  Many times, in order to cut costs, owners will decline other coverages available under their […]

Do You Know What Your Insurance Policy Really Covers? We Can Help.

If you are like most people, you have insurance. You probably bought that insurance through an agent and assume that it covers all of the risks that you […]

Probate and Administration

Should I Have a Will or a Trust?

One of the most basic and frequently asked estate-planning questions I receive is whether to use a will or a trust. A lot has been said about the […]

Personal Injury Attorney Little Rock

What Happens To Your Business When You Die?

My practice is pretty evenly divided between commercial law, property law, and estate planning and administration. So I’m excited that today’s article combines all three with a rarely […]

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Planning For Incapacity: Powers of Attorney and Living Wills

Failing to execute a living will and healthcare power of attorney agreement can create a nightmare for your loved ones. Legal incapacity or disability can come from many […]

Why Your Website Privacy Policy Matters

If you operate any online business, your business almost certainly collects consumer’s personally identifiable information. Many business owners don’t know whether their website should include a privacy policy, […]

Negotiating Commercial Lease Agreements

Comercial Lease Agreements Commercial lease agreements are long, complicated, and important documents. Further, the proposed agreement you receive from the landlord will be slanted in the landlord’s favor […]

Rethinking Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are uncomfortable. Because few people adequately plan for the inevitability of death, it is no surprise that even fewer plan for the possibility of divorce. Other […]

What Legal Entity Is Best For Your Business?

Business Entities One of the most-asked questions I encounter in my practice is what type of business entity to form. This is perhaps the most consequential legal decision […]

Noncompete Agreements in Arkansas

Noncompete Agreement Employee turnover is an inevitable byproduct of a thriving market economy and, notwithstanding the sluggish growth of the last five years, remains the trend in America. If […]

Buying a Business

Considerations When Buying a Business Buying a business is daunting prospect. What follows are a few of the more important issues to consider when negotiating a purchase agreement. […]

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