Injury Settlement Prompts Little Rock Auto Insurance Class Action

A Little Rock auto insurance class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of policyholders who were involved in an auto accident resulting in injury and whose insurance company wrongfully deducted money from the settlement of their bodily injury claims. If you feel that your auto insurance company wrongfully caused your personal injury to be reduced, you may be eligible to participate in a made whole class action lawsuit. Contact Linville Johnson today to learn more about your options.

According to Arkansas state law, an injured party is considered to be “made whole” when they are fully compensated for his or her injuries. Insurance companies are not allowed to recover medical payments or reimbursements until the policyholder has been made whole for his or her injuries in the claim against an at-fault party.

Under the law, individuals who are injured in an automobile accident at no fault of their own may be able to pursue compensation for all damages caused by the accident, including medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering with the help of a Little Rock car accident lawyer.

In some cases, however, insurances companies ignore the law and wrongfully recover medical payments from their policyholders who have not yet been made whole, resulting in a reduction of the policyholder’s injury settlement.

If you believe that your auto insurance company wrongfully caused your personal injury to be reduced, contact Linville Johnson today.

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