Attorney Group is an Expert Institute Best Blog Contest Winner

The Attorney Group Blog received the winning number of votes in the “Medical Malpractice/Personal Injury” category of The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog Contest. With more than 500 blogs participating in this year’s contest, the Attorney Group blog was named one of the top legal blogs online and will be permanently listed on The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog page.

Although the Attorney Group won best blog in the “Medical Malpractice/Personal Injury” category, the website’s main focus includes articles related to personal injury, product liability, dangerous drugs, and defective medical devices.

About Attorney Group

Attorney Group was formed by Anthony Johnson and Andrew Vines with the purpose of raising awareness for, and advancing the cause of, injured Americans through committed advocacy and a network of associated attorneys and law firms who fight for justice.

Injured people often face too little honesty, too little information, and too little appreciation for the severity of what has happened to them. Attorney Group seeks to connect injured Americans to the information, resources and community to share their story and seek justice.

About Linville Johnson

Linville Johnson, is an Arkansas-based, nationally focused mass tort and personal injury law firm committed to helping individuals who have been injured by bad drugs and defective medical devices, other defective products, or in semi-truck and auto accidents. Through our affiliation with the Attorney Group, we help injured individuals across the United States.

We also maintain a local practice for individuals and small businesses in Arkansas, representing clients in business formation, consulting and contracts, commercial litigation, real estate transactions, insurance litigation, estate planning, probate administration, and general civil litigation.

Contact Linville Johnson today by filling out our “Contact Us” form, by emailing us at [email protected], or by calling our main Arkansas office directly at (501) 777-7777.